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Wondering if visits with Naturopathic Doctors are covered or if there actually is no cause and no cure for IBS? Find the answers to these questions and more below.

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How Do I Make an Appointment?

Whether you are suffering from digestive symptoms or other medical issues, we can help. You can contact us online at or give us a call at 613-624-5000.

What Happens During My First Visit?

Your first consultation will be up to a 50-minute session where we will get the chance to learn about you, understand your health goals, and determine what steps you should take for your health. If we suspect that SIBO might be the cause of your discomfort, we will recommend testing to get to the root of your health problems. Other testing may be recommended, depending on your symptoms and health history. Testing is only recommended in instances where we believe it will be helpful to get to the root of the issue.

What Should I Bring?

Please fill out the forms in advance of your appointment. If you have any recent medical test results, please bring those to your appointment.

Will Insurance Pay for My Treatment?

While OHIP doesn’t cover visits with Naturopathic Doctors, they are often covered by extended health care plans. If you have health insurance, we encourage you to contact your provider to see what coverage you have.

Will I have to take supplements forever?

In order to eradicate SIBO & heal the GI to prevent recurrence we will recommend various supplements. These recommendations will change as we work through the various phases of treatment and determine which supplements are the most effective for you. Once we have successfully treated SIBO, we will reduce or eliminate any unnecessary supplements.

I have been told there is no cause and no cure for IBS, is this true?

This is not true. Evidence clearly shows that there are quite a few different causes for IBS and that many of these causes are treatable. Once the cause has been identified, either by clinical findings or testing, we often can help our patients minimize or resolve their symptoms.

I have been told that stress will increase my symptoms and that I should find a way to de-stress to manage my IBS, is this true?

The evidence does not support the stress/IBS connection. A US military trial compared soldiers who had been under extreme stress to people who had not, and there was no difference in the incidence of IBS. This means that it is NOT all in your head! In fact, most IBS patients don’t have anxiety UNTIL they develop IBS.

How accurate is SIBO testing? I’ve read that testing for SIBO isn’t very accurate, can we just skip the testing and start treating?

SIBO breath testing has become more accurate as the guidelines for what we consider a positive result has recently changed. In the past, many cases of SIBO were missed because the guidelines were too stringent.
Furthermore, some breath tests were using glucose instead of lactulose as the drinkable solution. Glucose is absorbed rapidly through the intestinal wall and most of it doesn’t make it all the way through the small intestine to feed the bacteria in order to generate a positive test. At the Kanata IBS & SIBO Clinic, we use lactulose breath kits to ensure that the solution is distributed through the entire small intestine to avoid false negatives.
Additionally, we test for BOTH hydrogen & methane gases to ensure we are not missing entire strains of SIBO.
We strongly advocate for testing prior to treatment – this helps ensure we are on the right track and not wasting valuable time and money treating the incorrect root cause.